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Banner950 How To Market To ChrisPratt

How Would You Get Chris Pratt to Buy In to Your Product? Target Buck

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Which pitch shampoo ad marketing to personality traits

Which Shampoo Ad Resonates with You?

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Which Car Ad Resonates with your Personality Traits

Which Car Ad Resonates with You?

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How to Market to Spock Logical Audience

How Would You Get Spock to Buy Your Product? Target Tex

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Marketeer Taleen Ericksen Powerup Message Matches Motivation 1

PowerUp: When Message Matches Motivation

By Taleen Ericksen Campaign Specialist How do you create a marketing campaign that yields results? How do we speak to our customers in a way that creates a loyal customer base? I see companies miss the mark all the time by not using the right call to action or using complicated imagery where a simple chart would have been more …

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Marketeer Jason Steed Customer advisory board for SMBs

Customer Advisory Board: The Business Lifeline for SMBs

By Jason Steed Founder and CEO The fundamental shift from shareholder to stakeholder is the new guiding principle behind successful and failing businesses. Whether a virtual process or a structured program, a Customer Advisory Board is a company’s conduit to product development, company branding, and business profits. And for industries from Technology to Brick & Mortar, it’s a process that …

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Marketing Automation: No Need to Fear for Your Job

By Matt Nilsen Director of Healthcare Marketing Marketers are taking notice. Automation is doing a lot of the work we used to do manually. Applications such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, InfusionSoft, Zoho, Hubspot, MindFire, and dozens of others perform a huge role in form generation, lead scoring, banner ad management, e-blasting, landing page creation, lead nurturing and offer fulfillment—the stuff …

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What Are the SEO Implications of Google+?

By Janet Driscoll Miller SEO Specialist The SEO and social media communities have been all a buzz about the new Google+. Personally, I found myself wasting away the day when it first launched, playing with all of its features and inviting all of my friends to join. But this post isn’t about all of the cool bells and whistles of …

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Marketeer Holly Hagerman Marketing Eco Friendly Language

Marketing Minute: Puppy Love

By Holly Hagerman Eco-Marketing Specialist Love is a universal concept that everyone knows (or at least is in the process of figuring out). And some Loves seem to be elevated…the love for a child, love in a marriage, and of course…love for one’s dog! Two companies started with this passion and never deviated from it in their branding. The Idea: …

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Marketeer Jason Steed Profiling and promoting best clients

Profiling and Promoting Your Best Clients

By Jason Steed Founder and CEO Who are your best customers? Profiling and promoting your most valuable customers is more important today than ever before…more important than a great product, a wizbang Web site, experienced management, or a solid brand. The fate of large and small companies today is determined by customer experiences, opinions, attitudes, relationships, and behaviors. Daunting as …

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